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As an international leading expert in the field of intuitive coaching I offer insight into strategic direction, tactical issues, hiring decisions, financial goals, sales strategies, and relationship building. Through my coaching I will give you the tools to develop your own skills for assessment of information in your personal and professional life.

The foundation of my technique teaches that intuition is the function that explores the unknown. I sense possibilities and implications that may not be readily apparent. Whatever you choose to believe about the nature of reality and the role of intuition in your life, be aware that the choice is yours. Inevitably that choice affects your experience. One of the biggest obstacles to the development of intuitive awareness is the desire for ego gratification. Once we let go of ego and fear then intuition can lead to success, happiness, peace, joy, and abundance.

As a sought after Business Coach and speaker, I help people identify what is holding them back and help them learn how to move forward both personally and professionally by following intuitive guidance. With more than 20 years of business and speaking experience, I consistently receive positive feedback for the depth of my connection and content. The supportive and sensitive, light-hearted, down-to-earth style in which I deliver my expertise and winning sense of caring and concern, has been well received.

My experience includes the position of CEO where I developed and managed a company specializing in Maintenance Services of Data Storage Units and Large Printing Platforms. This company was one of the few female owned companies in the industry. My clients included companies such as IBM, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, McKesson, Hitachi , Boeing and many others. Having been educated in accounting, taxes, law, strategic planning, sales, human resources and operations has assisted me on my path to success. My accountability to an executive committee of 15+ members and an employee base of up to forty-seven people, kept me moving passionately toward my goals.

My true talents have always been in the mystical realm allowing me to gain vast knowledge in corporate America. I have been an intuitive my entire life and am the founder and president of Intuitive Coaching Systems, Inc. (ICS).