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In today's competitive and fast-paced environment, decisions need to be made quickly and accurately. While many top-level executives won't publicize it, intuition is a key part of their decision-making success. Most call it a "gut feeling". Whatever means is used to describe it, intuition is direct and immediate knowledge. Intuition is the compass needed in today's business world. Intuition is NO longer an optional talent it is a necessity for today's CEO or top-level executive. INTUITION IS THAT COMPETITIVE EDGE WE ALL DESIRE

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My intuition is used to provide insights and guidance that get to the core issues of a business or an executive situation. The core issue is seldom related to only the corporate environment. It is a combination of both personal and professional influences. In working with business professionals it is my goal to assist you in addressing sometimes complex and challenging issues that you face in the workplace.

Guidelines for success:

  • see and identify the Core Issues.
  • recognize Dynamics that got you here and recognize NEW dynamics that are needed to move into the next phase of growth and or the next phase of your life.
  • make decisions with confidence.
  • come Alive again in your VISION with passion and drive.
  • let go of FEAR.
  • achieve your goals more quickly.
  • gain insight into what motivates people.
  • act with better timing.
  • better understand market trends.
  • gain competitive advantage over others in your industry through Intuitive insight.

Additional intuitive insight for business clients includes:

  • hiring, promotion and firing decisions.
  • compensation choices.
  • motivation and accountability of staff.
  • assessment of partnerships or mergers.
  • information about product and industry trends.
  • sales directions.
  • strategic planning.
  • financial growth and or re-structuring.
  • client information for sales professionals.
  • marketing information for new products or services.
  • competitive directions and or alliances

Our professional collaboration will help you to reach your goals quickly and efficiently. I don't require detailed information about the issues and it is more beneficial when you have a clear idea about the outcome you want to create for yourself and/or your company. It's to your advantage to have a list of questions or issues that you want me to address.

I usually work with the key executives in an organization. My coaching frequently produces quick results as I can get to the heart of an issue without a lot of research. I have the ability to describe the psychological make-up of people - a skill that will assist you in making hiring decisions and improving team communication and effectiveness.