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I find great joy by assisting others reach their dreams. Often, we are stuck in situations that consume our time and attention. My one-to-one coaching assists you to move beyond these limiting beliefs. With my sensitive intuitiveness, caring, and compassionate techniques I am successful in reaching the core issues while getting to solutions very quickly. As a spiritual medium I powerfully blend psychology, metaphysics and spirituality, along with a strong influence of practicality and passion for life, to help you achieve your goals and to communicate and reach out to those who have passed on.

Intuitive Coaching Sessions provide...

Connection with inner energy and intention that you did not know was there. This will help guide you closer to conscious living while presenting solutions for life's lessons.

Vision to see beyond your limiting beliefs of yourself and your life. I will coach you to discover and create new possibilities for your life.

Compassion for your situation. I will assist you in identifying lessons to learn from each experience. I will use my very sensitive intuitive abilities to work with you in a way that is non-confrontational and more carefrontational.

Courage to face the core issue while examining the real feelings of being responsible. We will uncover the things that keep you in this place of repeated behaviors that are not working in your life. This leads to thinking from true consciousness and gets us out of that fight or flight instinct.

Integrity to be your authentic self. Allowing your creative consciousness to come alive and assisting you in relying more and more on this inner voice.

My coaching is unique and offers much more than theory and logic.

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I have an incredible sense of inner knowing, theory, and practical logic experience along with an incredible gift of higher intuition. I truly come from a place of knowing. I connect with energy that only few can connect with and can intuitively tap into energy of lost loved ones through photos and personal items. I do not need to be sitting in front of you to connect with your experiences. My insight is so accurate that you'll walk away with the confidence that I truly have a gift like no other. In addition to my natural insight I have studied our great intuitive leaders such as Edgar Cayce, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, and many others.

I can assist you in areas such as:

  • Dealing with lost loved ones
  • Facing new challenges in career, relationships, finances, and health and well being
  • Feeling stuck and needing assistance in moving forward
  • Creating new possibilities for your life
  • Spiritual Journey
  • Communication challenges
  • Fears that hold you back from being your full potential
  • Feeling Co-dependent in unhealthy relationships
  • Dealing and coping with triggers, while identifying what the underlining core issue really is.
  • Living a life free of pain and suffering
  • Dreaming again and being passionate in all that you are
  • Building Self Esteem

Schedule a confidential Intuitive Coaching Session today.

Appointments are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sessions are conducted either in person (Orange County and Los Angeles Areas) or via the telephone.

To schedule an appointment, please call 714.398.8463

E-mail: karen@karenmgood.com