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Psychic Medium: Spirit Guides, Spirit Contact

As a psychic medium, I enjoy using my talents to help others move on from traumatic loses of loved ones. As a psychic medium, I have a responsibility to my clients, to continue to respect the truth and to guard their private information in the utmost of confidence. Your name will never be used or revealed to anyone, nor will any of our work ever be discussed outside of your sessions. I have a very upscale list of clientele who come to me in confidence and some of which are CEO's from fortune 100 and 500 firms. Their confidentiality is respected at all levels and never violated. I also go to great lengths to limit my administration staff's knowledge of my calendar and I book all my appointments personally

Past lives, Past Life Reading, Past Life Regression

As a spiritual medium, during my sessions, I often will look at any of your past lives and attempt to connect current life situations to one's past lives experience. Past lives play a large part in who we are today. Past lives often will reveal current life health issues or provide clues into current life physical pains.