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"Karen Good has been a very successful CEO in a business environment and has been able to transcend those skills and attributes to a new coaching format.  Karen does not come from a theoretical view point but rather one from reality and strong business experience.  Karen can help you see what is really there but that is not obvious.  If you need coaching or advise from an experienced successful CEO than look no further than Karen Good.  Karen possesses a very developed 6th sense that she uses to see patterns and structure before they are fully developed.  This giving you the ulimate advantage of anticipation which in business is absolutely critical if you are in any competitive environment. Karen has a 6th sense regarding people and other intangibles that make her an invaluable asset to any business situation." — Michael I., VP


"Karen has shared her intuitive coaching with my team now for about two years. The incredible insights and information she has brought to my awareness is incredible. I am aware of Eastern cultures using this type of Intuitive Guidance for many parts of decision making in their lives, but I had not heard about this type of coaching in the Western Cultures until I met Karen. The depth of information and the accuracy of her Intuitiveness is at times very confronting, because it takes you out of your comfort zone and identifies the core issues which often pointed accountability toward myself within my own organization. She used such finesse to communicate without damaging my VERY large ego, and also to reach me in a time my Organization needed me to wake up and find new direction. I was able to slowly let go of EGO (this will be a continual process), and fear, and re-focus on Vision and Passion, which is what propelled my success in the beginning, which I had lost focus of. Karen is an Intuitive Coach I plan on keeping employed with my staff and me in the years to come." — John M. Cavallio, CEO, CSC Enterprises, Inc.


"Karen is not just another business coach, she is an Intuitive Business Coach that you meet once or twice in your life. Her experience as a former CEO and her Incredible Developed Accurate Intuition is a unique gift. Her work has brought to light insights that improve your business decisions effecting your bottom line."Phu Hoang, CEO, Virtium Technology, Inc.


"I began working with Karen in 2003. I hired her to work in my business on some employment issues along with a major theft issue that has been in existence now for about 4 years. We have installed a state of the art security system which the thieves were still getting around. Karen came in and within 2 months or working with my staff had identified not only the responsible parties but also how and when they were doing it. This lead us to catching the parties involved and pressing charges. If I had not brought her in I would still be experiencing a loss of inventory of up to 18% per year. Since I have been working with Karen we have had loses of no more then 1% which clearly contributed to be net profit. I now utilize Karen's coaching in other ways such as strategic planning, sales planning, customer issues and employee issues. She is a valuable asset to my team." Ron S. CEO, Southern California


"Karen has worked for me for the last several months with her insight and intuitive abilities we have come out of a struggling time financially and are beginning to see some positive results from her contributions. Karen's coaching is a tool No business Executive or professional should go with out. Her style and sense of compassion brings about a knowing that is not necessarily on your radar screen. I can envision all professionals including small business owners, and executives hiring a coach like Karen as a permanent team member in the years to come. She is truly that nudge pushing you beyond your competition, that edge we all desire and find hard to achieve. She is our secret for now and in time she will be invaluable to others as she is to us." C. F., CEO (Fortune 500 Company).